Two speeds limit switches


Especially suitable for safety operation of great size mobile machines (for instance crane trolleys), this limit switch triggers a slowing of the machines before the stop. This smooth braking sensibly reduce the risk of crashing due to sudden halts.

Two speeds limit switches are equipped with 4 microswitches 1NO+1NC (2 per direction of travel), homologated by CE, UTE, VDE, ASE, CSA, UL, IMQ, that are triggered as shown:





The crane trolley moves at full speed. No microswitch triggered.


Pre-slowing: near the end of the guide, the limit switch rotates by 90°. The first microswitch is triggered and so the crane trolley speed is halved.


Stop. The limit switch rotates by 180° and the second microswitch is triggered. The crane trolley is stopped before crashing.



On request the two speeds limit switch can be fitted with bars longer than that represented in the picture above.


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