Roller limit switch


This limit switch is suitable for conveyor belt shift monitoring:



The roller components are a metal pipe (30 x 120 mm, tropicalised) fitted on a metal rod (6 mm, tropicalised) by ball bearings.


Roller limit switch is fitted with 2 microswitches (1NO+1NC for every position). On request it can be fitted with 4 microswitches (2NO+2NC for every position). Certifications of the microswitches: CE, UTE, VDE, ASE, CSA, UL, IMQ.



Limit switch for conveyor belt shift monitoring. When the lever is turned 10 the alarm function is triggered. When the lever is turned 18 the conveyor belt is stopped. Conveyor belt max speed has to be not greater than 4m/s.

Microswitches are pre-pushed when the limit switch is in rest position (angle 0) so that in case of head breaking (due to exceptional events) the microswitches automatically stop the conveyor belt.



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